Dear IT Girl,

We would like to thank you very much for your recent generous donation to the South Hobart Primary School Tournament of Minds team. We are happy to share that the Tournament of Mind’s International Finals in Darwin was a great success. The International Finals was of a very high standard and we are very proud to have been awarded Honours in the Primary Arts category in which we competed. This is one of the highest awards presented at the competition and an amazing achievement in our first ever participation at this event. Just as importantly, it was a great learning experience that we all loved and it was an honour to represent Tasmania. The team felt very supported from our local community and this was a true highlight of our whole experience. We couldn’t have done it without knowing that there are people, like you, who were willing to support us.

Thank you again for your contribution.

Yours Sincerely,

South Hobart Primary School Tournament of Minds Team

Sam Ibbott > Anne McEntee

Subject: your fan club apparently - from a facebook page - just thought you would like to know:

AB: Any suggestions Hobart peeps on someone to come over & fix my PC? It's very sad. Preferably quickly...

CA: Mum uses the IT Girl and said she is awesome!

Heather Francis: Lol - my ma uses Anne, the IT Girl too. She's fab at what she does but I'm sure that these days my ma just gets her over so that they can natter?!?!

CT: Bummer when your Bro is outta town

TS: Any other week aj! y is IT and very good but we head off to NZ tomorrow for a couple of weeks so not much help in the 'preferably quickly' part.. ...

Sam Ibbott We use anne Anne, the it girl, at home and at work. Give her a call tomorrow. Hope all is good with you. Xx sam

Rebecca Boyle We also recommend Annie from IT girl. And yes she will come to you.

Terri Simpkin IT girl on Davey street, she used to do all my IT stuff. Quick efficient and reasonably priced.

“My I.T. solution is to come and see Anne. It’s more fun, time-saving and cost-effective.” Peter Gore, Seed Energy

“I am never really sure whether computers are friend or foe! However when they are behaving badly there is one organization I have found I can truly trust and that is IT girl. Anne has managed to “save me” from every computer drama I have thrown at her with minimum fuss and complete calmness. I have found the services of IT girl to be reliable, friendly and trustworthy. Whatever the circumstance, I would without hesitation recommend Anne as the person to turn to. She has helped me through viruses, slow operation, advice on general good computer practices, updates and setup of equipment and software. Everything I have thrown at her has been handled with marvelous ease. Small business operators need a reliable network of service providers, Anne would fit the bill every time” – Debbie Pannowitz, Channel Health

Hi Anne. Couldn't let the year end without thanking you for all your care and attention of our computers this last year. I think I may have gone insane without your help. It has been much appreciated, and the fact that you go above and beyond, at the drop of a hat for us. Hope you have a great Christmas/New Year.

RR, Psychology Works

Hi Anne Just a belated thank you for solving my laptop wireless problem. I took the laptop back to Harvey Norman and to my surprise they exchanged it for another one without a fight and muttered something about "we've had a few like this...." Great! Anyway - without your intervention I am sure I would have wasted many more frustrating hours of my life trying to fix something I was never going to be able to fix! Your service was excellent and ridiculously cheap. It was very much appreciated and it's great to be able to go to a company run by women for help!! (That sounds bad but I think heaps of women would agree with me that some of the IT guys can be a bit condescending!!!). Anyway - thank you so much. I will be spreading the word about your company!

Dear Annie, I'd like to thank you for the personal tutoring that you provided in using Excel and mail merge, in January of this year. I have had a very satisfying and enjoyable year at the school. Your advice and strategies were invaluable. I practiced throughout the remainder of the holidays and during the term. I was able to develop my confidence and my skills and in fact I was one of the first to finish my mid-term reports! Annie, you were quickly able to interpret exactly what steps I needed to learn and just as importantly showed tremendous empathy and patience, when I was really at my lowest point. I owe you a debt of gratitude.I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Regards...

Hello Anne, My Father, … , is a customer of yours. Since engaging your services I've felt much more confident that he has been receiving good assistance and advice. I work in the IT industry and am impressed with the independence and honesty of the the approach you take. I want to express my appreciation with the assistance you have been providing my father and to say thank you. Regards, …

Dear Ann, The Cygnet Living History Museum Inc. would like to thank you for your recent donation of a laptop computer. This has proved very valuable in assisting with our extensive online research, by transferring online data to a memory stick we are then able to view it via the laptop for editing to our files. It has also given us a degree of mobility when viewing images off site, such as going to the home of older members of the community to discuss local history. We are a not for profit organization run by a small, dedicated group of volunteers and operate with a very limited budget, so your donation has been very welcome. Regards…

Hello Once again – thank you for your help today. I’m so impressed with your service – your knowledge, your personable approach and for such a clear understanding of my current and future needs. I am looking forward to working with you again! Kind regards…

Dear Anne, Herewith a cheque for $128.25. Thank you for your help – I have recommended you to a friend and I am sure I will need to call on your services again. Yours sincerely…

Hi Anne – Just a thank you for the over-the-phone computer & plant advice!

Dear Anne, Thank you for looking after us so promptly and so well. The laptop is working like a dream. We suspect, because it was always minor problems, that we didn’t realise how much its performance had deteriorated – quite possibly dating back about 18 months to when we installed the ‘better’ antivirus. Best Wishes…

Dear Anne. I would like to express our gratitude to you and your business for sponsoring out students at the recent RoboCup. We are very proud of the outstanding way in which they represented our school and our state. Jesse, Yaya and Sebastian are fine examples of our young students who have excelled in their commitment to learning and achieving their best. Your kind donation has enabled them to have a wonderful experience, which will remain with them always… Kind Regards

Thanks heaps Anne, It’s great to have the website up & running, & it’s a nice result. Thanks,…