The Fine Print


  1. THE IT GIRL charges an hourly rate for any tasks we carry out on your behalf (including site visits, contacting 3rd parties, research, phoning, emailing and travelling time). We'll also charge you for equipment and software supplied, and expenses incurred. Should you need assistance at short notice, or outside normal office hours, we will charge more. If you make an appointment but cancel at short notice, or don’t attend, we will also charge a fee. Our hourly rate and charging policy will change without notice to you. Unless previously arranged, you agree to pay our charges, in full, at the time of each consultation. If you don't pay as agreed, and we incur debt collection costs (eg. fees, legal costs), you will be liable for those costs.
  2. You warrant that you are the owner of (or have been authorised to make changes to) the information system, and that you will notify us of anything which may affect what we can do (including lease, hire/purchase, company I.T. policies). You warrant that you are licensed to use software supplied by your or installed on your system. THE IT GIRL will not participate in illegal activities (such as installing unlicensed software).
  3. THE IT GIRL will discuss the scope of the project with you. Should misunderstanding later arise about the scope, judgement will rest with THE IT GIRL.
  4. You accept that unexpected issues may arise, and further costs, delays or interference with normal operations may occur.
  5. Should the system fail after completion of work by THE IT GIRL, we will make judgement about whether it is our responsibility to rectify it.
  6. You have either backed up your data, or decided not to backup your data, in which case you agree to be responsible for the consequences of that decision.
  7. THE IT GIRL is not responsible for any consequences (financial or otherwise), arising from our work, unless due to our negligence.
  8. Where you ask THE IT GIRL to carry out work against our advice, we will not be responsible for any consequences.
  9. You have read and understood the other part of this document, "THINGS YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF"


  1. Any modifications to computer systems can put the system at risk. Data is not replaceable and should be backed up (duplicated) prior to THE IT GIRL carrying out any work.
  2. Some changes (including work by THE IT GIRL) to computer systems under lease, hire-purchase or warranty can invalidate those agreements.
  3. THE IT GIRL aims to give good advice. However, because computer systems are complex, it is impossible to anticipate every possibility. You need to realise that unexpected consequences or issues can arise. There may be further costs involved in fixing them, or delays and interference with normal operations.
  4. Factors out of our control may prevent THE IT GIRL from achieving everything you want. You must be prepared for limitations and/or changes in the course of action to be taken.
  5. Our advice may include changes to work practices, business practices and operator training. Where we provide such advice, we are not responsible if you choose not to implement it.
  6. Computer systems deteriorate or become unreliable due to a numbers of factors, including software defects, hardware defects, viruses and general use.
  7. THE IT GIRL recommends that ALL computer owners and users practice "safe computing" (including knowledge of risks, installing security software, limiting access by other people, installing manufacturer's software updates, being cautious in your actions, and not using pirated software, or conducting other illegal activities).