Business Services

System assessment and improvement

Often IT systems grow ad-hoc over time, particularly in small businesses - they don't work that well and cost too much.

We can assess your situation, skills and needs and recommend new systems, system simplification or other changes to improve your productivity and costs.

Anne has formal university level training in systems analysis and design, as well as many years experience designing and setting up real world systems. She is also a "big picture" thinker and technology-agnostic - so if the best solution is a piece of paper, or a quantum computer - she will say so!

System maintenance and repairs

Computers are very much like cars. If they are regularly maintained they will perform better and last longer.

We can perform maintenance and repairs on both the hardware and software. We can check that you have all the software and updates you should, test for virus or ad-ware infections, clean your system up and improve speed and reliability.

We also try to provide you with advice about how to manage your systems yourselves.

Risk analysis

Risks surrounding IT use are become extreme - viruses, hackers, crypto-ransom scams, identity theft... These events can devastate businesses and individuals.

And often people get distorted ideas about the relative likelihood of some risks, and are completely unaware of others.

We can quickly assess your risks and provide a risk reduction and mitigation plan.

Backup systems

Backup systems reduce the impact of a wide range of risks – including theft, viruses, system failure and human error.

They are probably your most important risk mitigation mechanism.

The problem with most backup systems is that they either don’t exist or don’t get done (who’s got time?).

We can help you with automatic reliable backup systems tailored to your needs and risks.

Cloud computing

One of the most productive things you can do in a business is get everything working in sync on all your gadgets, share info with colleagues, and delegate tasks to an assistant and so on.

There are many services to choose from - we can help you to make the best selection and jump all the setup hurdles.

We also know about security and risks - and can help you make things as safe as possible. Often the significant risks are different from what you might expect.

Website advice and getting started

We are not web design experts - but pretty good at managing and editing them. We can advise you about how to get started, get a domain name and business email address and/or help you set up a simple website (like this one) using free design tools (such as google sites or wordpress).

If you have an existing website that you want to edit, we may be able to help you, depending on how it is set up. However, you do need a lot of motivation and computer skill to maintain even a simple website yourself.

If you have more advanced needs, are graphically challenged (like most of us), or require anything fancy we recommend you use a specialised web design firm.