Our hourly rates are $120 per hour for consultations, $90 per hour for standby work at our office. 

Type of consult Fees
Face to face at our office An appointment is REQUIRED.  Min. fee is 1/2 hour ($60) + increments of 15 minutes. 
Face to face at your premises An appointment  is REQUIRED.  Min. fee is 1 hour ($120) + increments of 15 minutes.  You may need to also pay for travel time.
Remote support This means we help you by phone, email or remote support.  This is often cheaper because there is no  travelling time and no minimum fee.  If you want a definite time, the appointment rate applies, but if you are home most of the time and willing to wait, you can put in a remote support request by phone or email (support@itgirl.com.au) and wait for us to get in touch – in which case the standby rate applies.  You may also have to download our remote support software(https://get.teamviewer.com/itgirl). 
Fees $120 per hour or $90 per hour standby.
Workshop fix You NEED A BOOKING.  You bring the computer to our office between 8.30 – 10 am in the morning, leave it with us, and wait PATIENTLY for it to be fixed.   The standby rate ($90 per hour / 15 minute increments) applies.  If you are wanting it fixed  quickly see below.
Urgent, weekends and after hours Urgent, weekend and after hour services fees and minimums are higher - you need to email office@itgirl.com.au with a description of your problem to find out availability and price 

Unless previously arranged, we expect you to pay on the day.  We provide prompt payment discounts (Regular 3%, Seniors 5%, Community Organisation / Disability 10%, Over 90 years age 30%) off our hourly rates.  These discounts are strictly for payment on the day / by the due date.  

If you are bringing a job into our office, please DON'T bring mice, keyboards, printers, modems, normal power cords, screens.  Make sure you bring in all your disks, license keys, passwords and power adapters.  Note: when you drop it off you may not get to talk to a technician, but the technician will ring you when doing the job.   If you want a fast fix or a definite time or a face to face consult with the technician, then the NORMAL fee applies.  

We don't provide fixed price services because that would mean overcharging almost everyone to allow for the cases which take longer (often because of factors outside our control, such as telcos or disorganisation). It would also make it difficult for us to be flexible and respond to your needs (because we would have to charge multiple "fixed price" fees for any one consultation).  If you are clear about what your problem is, we can often estimate what it is likely to cost when you call.

For those who like the fine print, a full copy of our terms and conditions is here: ITGIRL terms